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Mid Ulster Council Appoints New Chair & Deputy Chair

21 May 2019

Mid Ulster District Council has appointed a new Chair and Deputy Chair.

Councillor Martin Kearney (SDLP) has been named Chair at the Council’s Annual General Meeting this evening (20 May), the first SDLP councillor to hold the position in Mid Ulster, with Councillor Clement Cuthbertson (DUP) now the Council’s Deputy Chair.

Speaking about his appointment, Councillor Kearney paid tribute to his predecessors, Councillor Sean McPeake and Councillor Frances Burton for how they discharged their duties in the last year, and spoke of his focus for his year in office:

“We open a new chapter in the life of the Council with the opportunity to build on the achievements of our first term and continue to implement the strategies, plans and policies developed in the last four years, particularly in the implementation of our Community Plan.

“As a former teacher, one of my focuses will be on children and young people and supporting efforts to address the plight of our colleges and schools, particularly our primary schools.

“I am committed to using my life experiences and to working across traditions, with a sense of community spirit and reconciliation guiding my time in office.

“I aim to listen, learn, protect and promote and to work together with all my colleagues for the benefit of the people of Mid Ulster”.

New Deputy Chair, Councillor Cuthbertson, said:

“I am privileged to have been appointed by my party to the role of Deputy Chair and look forward to the year ahead, which will present many opportunities to meet and engage with local people across Mid Ulster.

“I would like to thank the people in the Dungannon area who entrusted me with their vote which has enabled me to assume this role.

“My interests have always been at the grassroots level and this role will allow me to gain an even greater understanding of the needs and priorities of the local community.

“I will continue to speak out on relevant issues, such as GP provision, rates and anti-social behaviour in our public parks, as before, and to address other important issues as they arise. It will be good to meet with and to show recognition to the people who carry out so much valuable, voluntary work within our community."

Both appointments are for one year.

New Chair, Councillor Martin Kearney.

New Deputy Chair, Councillor Clement Cuthbertson. 


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