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Have A Greener Christmas!

23 December 2015

Mid Ulster District Council is encouraging residents to have a ‘greener’ Christmas this year by making the most of their recycling options.

Presents and parties over the festive season mean more paper, more packaging, more leftovers, more tins, cans and bottles, but there are some top tips to help ensure that excess waste goes to good use.

Packaging All Wrapped Up!

You can have your excess packaging all wrapped up by using your blue bin to recycle Christmas cards, cardboard and paper. You can include gift paper too, as long as it isn’t foil-based. And don’t forget that you can re-use gift bags, ribbons and bows for other occasions.

Out With The Old?

If you receive a new TV, computer, DVD player or any other piece of electrical or electronic equipment, then remember to bring your old item to one of our recycling centres. Your unwanted electricals and electronics can be re-used or recycled and contain really valuable raw materials. For example, one iron contains enough steel to produce 13 steel cans.

Max Out Your Blue Bin!

Use your blue bin to its full capacity. Remember you can use it for:

  • Paper (like newspapers, magazines, junk mail, telephone books and catalogues).
  • Cardboard (like cereal boxes, egg boxes, post cards, greeting cards, clean frozen food boxes).
  • Cartons (like packaging for fruit juice, soup and chopped tomatoes).
  • Aerosol Cans (please make sure the cans are empty and don't crush or pierce them).
  • Food & Drink Cans (like soup cans, drinks cans, pet food cans and biscuit tins. Please rinse them out before you put them in your blue bin).
  • Plastic Bottles & Containers (like milk bottles, drinks bottles, shampoo bottles, sauce bottles, plastic yoghurt pots, plastic butter or margarine tubs, plastic food trays. Please rinse them out before you put them in your blue bin).
  • Envelopes (except padded envelopes)
  • Glass (like glass bottles and jars)
  • Foil Trays (clean foil trays)

And Keep Your Brown Bin Well Fed

Your brown bin isn’t just for garden waste – it’s for food waste too. You can keep it very well fed all year round with your leftovers, from vegetable peelings and turkey bones to bread, pasta, egg shells,tea bags and cold ashes. Remember to set it out for collection every two weeks throughout the winter months.


If you have a real Christmas tree, you can make it last way beyond January by tree-cycling. Bring your tree to any one of the Council’s recycling centres, where it will be shredded and used to make compost.

For more information about recycling in Mid Ulster, email recycling@midulstercouncil.org or click here.

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