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More than 60 Businesses Contribute To Final Consultation On Strategy For Economic Growth

01 May 2015

Close to 100 people from more than 60 local businesses have contributed to the final consultation on the new Mid Ulster District Council strategy for economic growth.

Representatives from the retail, manufacturing, tourism and service sectors came together for a series of 3 workshops to discuss the outcome of the Council’s work to create a new economic development plan for the region.

The plan sets out a series of aim and actions under 4 key themes, the first centring on ‘enabling economic growth and sectoral diversification’, the second focussing on employability and skills, while the third and fourth themes prioritise town and village regeneration and crucial improvements to infrastructure and the area’s connectivity.

Councillor Frances Burton, Chair of the Council’s Development Committee, thanked local businesses for attending:

“Our businesses once again came out in numbers to feed into this new plan and in doing so, they are continuing to play an invaluable role in ensuring the direction of our economic development work over the next 4 years is going to support the needs of existing businesses and contribute to growth”.

The business workshops took place from Tuesday 28 April to Thursday 30 April. The new economic development strategy is expected to be published in June 2015.

Pictured at the final workshop held with local businesses to discuss Mid Ulster District Council’s draft economic development plan are: Shirley Smyth, Professional Travel; Councillor Kim Ashton, Vice Chair, Mid Ulster District Council; Linton McKeown, Ideal Furnishings ; Councillor Frances Burton, Chair of the Council’s Development Committee, and Stephen Mohan, Cuba.


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