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Calling all recycling heroes in Mid Ulster!

20 September 2018

Are you a recycling hero or a recycling zero? You can find out by taking Mid Ulster District Council’s new online recycling quiz!

Given that the latest waste statistics show that 39.5% of all black bin waste for Mid Ulster was made up of paper and card and plastic and glass, items which should be recycled in the blue bin, the quiz is part of the Council’s new Recycling Hero campaign which aims to reduce contamination in the black bin by recyclable items.

The new campaign has been launched to coincide with this year’s Recycle Week which runs from 24 – 30 September.

By highlighting certain items and asking ‘which bin does it go in?’, the campaign quiz will get residents thinking about their recycling habits and allow them to identify what they could do better to become a recycling hero. The quiz is made up of 6 questions and at the end residents will find out if they are a recycling hero or a recycling zero.

Speaking about the new campaign Chair of the Council, Councillor Sean McPeake said: “We are in a very fortunate position here in Mid Ulster in terms of both our recycling rate and effort. We are consistently at the top of the recycling league table here and this is largely due to the continued support and effort of our residents on the ground.

“However, the fact that almost 40% of our general black bin waste is still made up of such common and well-known recyclable materials such as paper and card and plastic and glass is staggering and proves there is still more we could be doing.

“I believe the new campaign and online quiz are the perfect tools to highlight and raise awareness of this issue as it addresses many of these disposal errors and will allow residents to rectify their recycling habits in an educational and fun way.

“I would encourage everyone to take the recycling quiz to increase their recycling superhero powers!”

To complete the online quiz and to tell us your recycling hero stories go to: www.midulstercouncil.org/recyclinghero and remember to use #RecyclingHero.

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